Why You Should Make Egypt Your Next Destination

No doubt, Africa is a beautiful continent. It’s not all about the wars and plights, there are really amazing places to visit in Africa. Well, Egypt is really one of such places! Egypt is an amazing country with energy and passionate people!The issue here is that Egypt experienced crises some years back and fast forward to 2015, the question is, why should you visit Egypt? I will love to visit Egypt, just like my friend did a month ago! She spent 2 weeks there and it was really amazing for her. She shared her amazing experiences with me and I am here to share with you all. Here are 4 reasons why you should make Egypt your next destination.

  • Egypt is currently safe

I know the media can always make things look abnormal and we humans really care about our safety. Yes, it’s normal, we love to live! According to the reports coming out from Egypt, stability and safety has increased tremendously. My friend confirmed this while in Egypt a month ago! All you have to know is that no place in the world is 100% safe. If your safety has been the reason why you have been avoiding a visit to Egypt, please, think again, Egypt is currently safe and stable. According to my friend, security network is top class.

  • Egyptians are friendly enough

Egyptians are among the best people on earth. They love their visitors a lot and they really love to meet new people. I have a lot of Egyptians on my various social network accounts. I interact with many Egyptians on my social accounts and I must confess, they are really friendly. My friend said she was amazed by their level of hospitality. They want to take photo shots with you, they want to help you locate amazing places, they care to know how you’re doing, what you want to eat, where you’re from etc. They are really friendly. Egyptians are always ready to help and they are really beautiful creatures. From the airport, you will get to meet and make new friends. They love Tourists a lot.

  • Guess what? Egypt has amazing places to visit

I will mention 10 places that will surely wow you when you visit Egypt. No doubt, these places are among the most amazing places to visit in the whole world. Check them out: Giza Necropolis, Luxor, Cairo, Aswan, Dahshur, Sharm el-Sheikh, Siwa Oasis, Dahab, Alexandria and Hurghada. Make sure you visit these places and thank me later.

  • Egypt is not crowded with Tourists presently

Unlike in the past, there are no queues in most of the tourist sites in Egypt currently. Queues can really be annoying sometimes. Well, the good news here is that you really don’t need to worry about this anymore because Egypt is not crowded currently unlike before. My friend confirmed this too when she visited Egypt however, it will really be fun, don’t you think so? You will appreciate this better only if you have an idea of how crowded most of the Egyptian tourist sites were in the past!

  • Goods and services are quite affordable

As a result of the affordable rate of goods and services in Egypt, movement and shopping are really sweet experiences. You can easily secure a night at a resort for fewer than $50.00. You can experience 5 star treat while you spend less. My friend bought me a lot of Egyptian goodies. Also know that Egyptian foods are magical! You will definitely love them!

  • Exchange Rate is Favourable

Dollar or whatever currency you use will surely go further in Egypt due to the favorable exchange rate. A dollar can go for 7.58 Egyptian pounds. With affordable rate of goods and services in the country, the favourable exchange rate is really an advantage for visitors going to Egypt.

Well, these are among the reasons why you should visit Egypt and enjoy the beauty the country will offer you.

About the Author

My name is Nora

I’m a Freelancer and I love traveling and meeting new people.


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