Simple Afang Soup Recipe.

AFANG also known as okazi is a vegetable popular among the southern part of NIGERIA it’s used to prepare a soup known as AFANG soup, it is highly nutritious because it contains protein, carbohydrate and some essential amino acids.

AFANG soup is also prepared with a reasonable amount of waterleaf or spinach and the AFANG leafs.


Afang leafs

Water leafs or spinach

Dry stockfish

Smoked fish




Spicy hot pepper/ salt (salt to taste)



Stock cubes


Wash your beef properly then stem it with diced onion, pepper, stock cubes and salt to taste in a little amount of water

When the beef is soft, add the dry stockfish and smoked fish let it stem for about 5min.

Add the crayfish, periwinkle, waterleaf or spinach depending on which you prefer and cook for 4min

Add the afang leaf and let it simmer for about 5or6 min then you add the palm oil, taste for salt allow to boil for about 2 min then u stir. voila your soup is ready.

Afang soup can be served with

Pounded yam





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