Motherland Finest- why we do it

Welcome to our motherland Finest website our main purpose for this project is to educate others about our African heritage and cultural backgrounds such as food, fashions, art, etc. Africa is a land of the victorious where the citizens triumph over fear. Not all of us whom from the village walk around bare­footed, majority of us maybe from the village but we walk around with pride and dignity to preserve our motherland wills, because every soul has something unique. we have cities, employments, professors, doctors, a leadership and opportunities just like other Continents.

We are more than willing to educate the world about the truths that’s been concealed behind the screen. Africa! the word itself describes honesty and humbleness, sometimes an inspirational idea can help us renew ourselves and be filled with strength to fulfill our life purpose. life is full of surprises and our services will surprise you. you can purchase our African authentic products from the website to experience the beauty of African products. Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement, enthusiasm develops curiosity and Africa defines beauty and honesty.

As an adolescent not knowing the remedy my motherland produce was hard to experience. There was a time where I experience a difficult predicament in my life, my parents tried every single knowledge of theirs to cure my sickness eventually they couldn’t, because there was only one remedy to cure me which was the motherland remedy.

Sincerely Kadir F Abdi


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