Africa being the second largest and second most popular continent on planet earth, have seen a great change in industrialization in the 21st century. She being 30.2 million km2, Africa covers 6% of earths total surface area and 20.4% of its total land area.It carries more than 1.1 billion people accounting for 15% of worlds population.Since the beginning,Africa has been known to be the cradle of mankind with the earliest man believed to walk on earth was found in Ethiopia dated 200,000years ago.Due to its rapid population growth,there has been a challenge curbing food security. This has made poverty to strangle Africans making it the continent with the most third world countries. Africa is also known for large diversity of ethnicity,culture and languages.In the 19th century,missionaries such as Ludwig Craft came to Africa from Europe to explore.This mission brought about colonization of Africa because Europeans realized vast resources on the continent which led to development of infrastructure and industries across the continent.This was the dawn of the great African continent. In the 21st century, Africans still struggling in poverty,greatest discoveries and exploration have been made which have improved their per capita income. Necessity being the mother of invention, rapid advanced development in various fields that is, industrialization have led to a great discovery of all generations by the Ghananians that is, the African Black Soap.

African black soap have brought a great deal of pride to Africans at least they have something to smile about.Due to this invention and innovation, it has changed the way other continents viewed Africa.With the rise of black soap industry, it has assured a suitable and stable economy.Black soap has proven to be of great help to the continent and beyond in the medical field since the products used to manufacture it has helped solve and reduce health problems as not in the case with the other brand of soaps which are made with toxic and harmful chemicals. This making the African black soap to be the most recommended soap by the health sectors in Africa and beyond.
African black soap also known as Ose dudu,Alata simena or Anago soap is the best soap in the market.It is made from a great variety of medicinal plants such as plantain,cocoa pods ,palm tree leafs and shea tree back amongst others.Plantain back gives the soap vitamin A,E and iron,shea tree back is also used that gives the soap the quality to protect the skin against ultra-violent rays of the sun that if too much exposure might damage the skin content and texture making the skin look old.It has a lot of pros over weighing the cons.

The benefits of African black soap are vividly in the faces of the users.These are, as a medicinal soap, it has proven worth using in solving skin problem such as rashes and body odor of the skin,scalp irritation,thinning fine lines,removing dark spots,eliminating blemishes,and good for the sensitive skin and making dry skin oily.Made with a blend of palm oil and cocoa which are skin friendly.The soap is environment friendly since it is packaged on an organic package and is bio degradable.The soap has great characteristic and the medicinal purpose makes it marketable anywhere in the world.Because of its packaging the soap has market itself across the earth over the internet and an affordable cost that most of the people in the world are attracted to it.The aesthetic value of the soap and great earthly perfume it releases have made it popular amongst women.African black soap comes in different shapes,colour and size depending on the mixture.Its texture is soft and fine and a bit crumby but not like the regular soap.It does not have artificial fragrance hence have a scent commonly known as an earthly scent. some might have faint chocolate fragrance because of the cocoa ingredient content and also does not have artificial colouring preservative.

The soap being one of the most marketable soap across the globe it has some cons which nevertheless I won’t fail to mention, since they are because of the obvious reasons.Some are like;the process of making the soap involves a lot of procedures that might become tiresome,the ingredients mixed are many, at times might give the manufacturer hard time especially when they are home made and lastly the cost of marketing.Even though the cons are all on the side of the manufacturer the product is still worth to use and still economical.
Furthermore, the African black soap have been utmost used in the western Africa since generations passed.It has created a great impact in the economy of the west Africanas.The women making the soap have improved their living standard and helped the society improve on their skin nature.The black soap has been tested and proven to be 100% pure and recommended authentic guarantee.

In a nut shell,African Black Soap has as the pride of Africa has proven to be worthy unlike their cons.This very precious product has helped establish and stabilize African economy by transforming the lives of people living in West Africa.Due to the increase in soap production, the per capita income of the manufacturers have increased drastically and positively changed the living standard of the people.The rise of the product have seen through the dawn of industrialization across Africa.It does not select age,gender or social status for it to be used since it”s market price is lower than most of the people living in the continent day wage.The Black African Soap can be liquified from it”s solid state to sooth your desired preference by dissolving it in natural water.Some might see these words and think that it is just a blick vision but in the real sense the African Black Soap has proven genuine in almost 72 countries across the globe.This is to say that it is up to you to decide on which direction you take

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