Trading in Nigeria’s Marketplace.

Nigeria’s marketplace is a business field and a great asset. It provides opportunities for a lot of Nigerian traders. The marketplace is an open ground for displaying goods and raw materials that the nation has to offer to both its citizens, live-in foreigners, and tourists. Trading simply means an act of buying and selling of goods and services in exchange of money.

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The Mortar, The Pestle and It’s Place in The African(Nigerian) Kitchen


While the men returned from the farm, you could hear the sound of the women pounding in the distance “kpom, kpom, kpom!” That was the sound of the pestle against the mortar; milling food items for a family meal. Continue reading “The Mortar, The Pestle and It’s Place in The African(Nigerian) Kitchen”

Kontomire Stew and Our Cuilinary Similarities

Happy New year! More of Africa from our kitchen to yours.

Kontomire  or Spinach stew is one of Ghana’s most famous sauces. It is also known as palava sauce to some Africans. Although, as a Nigerian girl, ‘palaver’ means ‘wahala’ i.e. trouble; this stew/sauce is far from it. Continue reading “Kontomire Stew and Our Cuilinary Similarities”


With the current economic situation and crisis among several others occurring in the nation, most people must have forgotten that Nigeria has a heart. Even before these present situations, not every citizen as well as the world at large, took note of the fact that Nigeria indeed has a big heart, which beats every second every time that something good or bad happens to the country. Continue reading “NIGERIA’S BIG HEART.”

How to Resist the Pressure to get Married this Year?

Beautiful Nigerian WomanMy pastor screamed, “Your Boaz will find you this year!” My father was the first to stand up with his hands up screaming, “Amen!” His Amen was obviously for me while mother hits on the side to say “Amen.” Continue reading “How to Resist the Pressure to get Married this Year?”