An icon of peace, compassion and courage. An inspiration for the whole world. A crusader who was not ashamed to work day and night to abolish apartheid and all the injustices that came with it. Nelson Mandela was a historical figure or rather a perfect name to describe him is a transformational figure. Transformers are known well by how they plan; they carry their vision to chart the course, and also they have the skills to execute their plans. And to be transformational what Nelson Mandela was, is to have the courage of one’s total conviction, to sacrifice, to risk life and to lay everything you value and matters in your life on the line.

History of South Africa                                                                                                                     Let’s take a walk in the history and remind ourselves how was the situation in South Africa back then. Apartheid, which also means apartness reflected a violently repressive policy structured to ensure that white people, who approximately comprised 20% of the population of South Africa, would continue to settle and dominate the country. Racial discrimination in South Africa has had deep roots in the society since 1788 even though the policy of apartheid began officially in 1948. Since time in memorial, some laws and regulations set apart or separated the white settlers and the native Africans. This separation led the Africans to settle in specific areas which later were known as their homelands. The government that took in 1948 led the first campaign that majored on openly racist telling the whites to unite. So, there are some policies in the name of apartheid that were set by the ruling government and these are:
⦁ Prohibition of mixed marriages Act, which banned marriages between Europeans and Africans
⦁ The Population Registration Act, which categorized South African by race
⦁ The Group Areas Act. Now, this was the main core of Apatheism.

This Act marked areas of land for different racial groups. It also made it illegal for people to live in areas which they were not allocated. Thousands of South Africans were uprooted and moved into racially segregated neighborhoods in reserves where they were supposed to settle. The situation went far such that even black workers who were working on the white residents were required to use different public means of transportation, post offices, restaurants, schools, separate doors, benches and even counters.

nelson 2.png
History Made by Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela came in this era. He was a young man who found his country in a messed up state. Because of that, he spent more than 40 years in the struggle of the racial regime which is well known as apartheid. 27 of the years he spent in prison. In 1994, Nelson Mandela was elected the 1st black president of South Africa in multiracial and in a democratic election.

⦁ Nelson Mandela was an icon of resistance and perseverance, having spent 27 years in prison and still fighting for the freedom after his release in 1990.
⦁ He was an icon or a symbol of peace, having presided over the transition from apartheid to multiracial democracy and having pursued a plan of national reconciliation.
⦁ In 1999 when Nelson Mandela retired from the office of the president, he remained a loyal champion for peace and social justice in his country and around the whole world.
⦁ He also initiated some organizations example, the Influential Nelson Mandela Foundation, and The Elders; it is an independent group of public figures devoted to addressing global problems and easing human sufferings.
⦁ In the year 2002, Nelson Mandela became a vocal advocate of HIV and AIDS awareness and treatment agenda in a culture which the epidemic had brought in stigma and ignorance.

Nelson Mandela died in 2013. But it is right to say that he is not gone. He transformed South Africa from the ashes. He just left the earth, but his important call for freedom and fairness is still heard among-st the winds and the rains and in the hearts of the people all over the world. He changed the way of the history. What a man!



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