Stove Top Goat Meat and Tripe Pepper Soup


What’s pepper soup? It’s pretty much a spicy soup seasoned and cooked with different herbs spices and seasonings. The best kinds are really the ones which have been marinated with the spices; hence you’re able to taste the spices in the meat ūüôā

I don’t know a person who completely hates pepper soup. In fact it is known cure some stages of the flu…

I like this version of pepper soup because of¬†it’s use of ginger which is medicinal. I remember being little and in my mother’s kitchen, my mother used to let me¬†have some meat stock when I showed any sign of being ill. The meat stock; which is different from pepper soup would also help me feel better. I guess it was¬†because I needed fluids to feel better at that time.

One of my favorite things to order from a local restaurant would be pepper soup. Goat meat pepper soup; precisely. Then the addition of the tripe and intestines always made it worth while; especially if the restaurateur¬†is a good cook. Everyone seems to have their own version of pepper soup, but this recipe is my favorite. The basic pepper soup ingredients would be the calabash nutmeg, uda, and the¬†uyayak pod(I’ll explain in a later post). Whatever combinations of these spices that seem right to you will¬†work just great! You could also add ginger or even garlic. Food is versatile…

For this recipe, you could use offals, just make sure you cook them n a separate pot. All you have to do is, put it in a pot with water and it bring to a roaring boil; then drain and rinse before adding it to the pot of cooking pepper soup.

Finally, like the saying goes “Any man that uses his teeth to cut shaki from pepper soup and with his eyes open is not afraid of anything…William Shakespeare 1900…If pepper soup dun enter your eye before, you go know ūüôā

Just because I want you to make some…here is an easy recipe

1 1/2lb goat meat and tripe (washed and drained)

3tbsps pepper soup spices

3 habanero peppers(Roughly blended)

half of a small onion(roughly blended)

1/2 fresh ginger(grated)

a handful of basil

6 yam pieces

salt to taste


1/2 tbsp. crayfish

season the meat with some salt, ginger and 1tbsp of the pepper soup spice and let it marinate for about an hour. Pour in some water to the level of the meats, add the remaining pepper soup spice and the bouillon if using. Stir in the onion and cook until the meat is almost tender. Add the yam and the pepper and some more water as needed(you may add a little pepper soup spice if you need anymore). Adjust seasonings and cook until the yam and meat is tender(for a thicker pepper soup, stir the yam and the soup occasionally). Stir in the crayfish and basil and enjoy.





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