WE: where lives matter.

Black or white matters like the human chromosome X and Y
The fruit of primary colors combination is one secondary color,
Just the way the mating of the human chromosome creates one fetus.

It does not matter the differences in the skin colors
It should not matter if I am or you are African, Asian or European
We are same body and flesh inconsiderate of what race a person comes from
We breathe the same kind of air
Wear the same kind of clothes, do the same kind of things.

Violence might never end but it time to put a stop to the tit-for-tat display of character
It is time we drop our acts of insanity to face the reality that
Despite the fact life is short, we will be spending eternity together.

Why is there so much injustice?
How can we be cruel to one another is what I hear the world say?
Have we forgotten from who we came from?
From where we came from?
Although we shall be back to dust in the end
But when the end becomes the beginning again, to peace we shall return.
Let us love each other in these moments
Let us the resist the power to be up and against each other
Because we are strongly bound to the one man that has made us just like Him.

Photo Credit: TeenQuotes/Tumblr.

Bibiana Ossai © 2016.


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