Herbal Drink.

A glowing beautiful melanin or white skin, a healthy human system – danger to sickness and diseases, have you ever wondered just like me how both the poor and rich of the African society are able to stay in good health? I mean, you find both the rich and poor on the same level due to good health. What is the secret you may ask? It is simply leaves, that is, leaves used in making local herbs to be drank, eaten or rubbed by Africans to sustain good health.

There are a whole lot of rich leaves that can be found in Africa but I will be focusing majorly on one known as Agbo, it is taking by my father both morning and night, its smell can be choking but it does not taste that bad I can assure of that.

The leaves needed in making the local herb known as Agbo are Malinga leaves, lemon leaves and Paw-paw leaves. It is very simple to make just follow these steps, which are:

Wash the leaves carefully and place into a clean pot, after which you fill the pot with water few centimeters above the level of the leaves. Put on your stove and place your pot on it and let it boil for about 5-10 minutes. This type of herbal drink is ready to be served (it is best served when hot or warm), it is used in preventing and curing malaria.

Other leaves used in making herbal drink or in sustaining good health are Bitter leaf, which provides blood into the human body and to flush out dirt stored in the body system of women, Saint leaf is commonly added to foods like Jollof rice, pepper soup and is used to stop running-stomach as well as to build the immune system.


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