The Beauty Of The Efik People(Efere Afang )

Apart from the Igbo’s, if there’s any people more passionate about their culture, it’s the Efik people of Nigeria.

The Efik speaking people are made up of an ethnic group sitting along the Cross River estuary and the banks of the Calabar River in Nigeria. (

The Efik culture emphasizes the respect of seniority and their food. In the Efik culture, stealing is frowned upon. It is also known that the Efik women as a sign of respect do not shake hands with men in public.

All Efik speaking people are seen as royalty/freeborn. It is also said that love is expressed better by the Efik women to their husbands/lovers through the art of cooking. It is said that once an Efik woman cooks for you, you never go back 🙂

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Being Black Mean.

There’s none better than the other. Black and White are colors made up by men to cause disparity among races that come from the mating of same sperm and egg but due to the ideals the world has built around being white or black, we are often posed with the question ‘what does Being Black Mean?’

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An Architect’s Artwork.

I am the true female child of my father,

an African-born Architect

who believes in the illustriousness of Africa;

Africa, a well-populated continent and second largest in the world.

I am proud to be his artwork,

An imagery evolved to be created, carved and built in a green land

where black is gold and the sky an ocean.

Photo Credit: Eric Lafforgue.

Ogochukwu-Bibiana Ossai © 2016.

One Reason You Must Visit Cote D’Ivoire

A lot of times, some people think Africa is a country. Others think we speak one language(No, we don’t speak African). But the beautiful thing is, Africa is a continent. The second largest continent in the world. Africa has 54 countries and about 2000 languages. It also is actually one of the richest continents in the world. With minerals and natural resources like cocoa, coltan, Nikel, diamond and gold.

One of the countries in Africa, located on the Western part of the map and so rich in culture is Cote D’Ivoire…Also known as Ivory Coast…

Apart from the alluring French language, there are plenty other reasons why you must visit Cote D’Ivoire.

The music” says…Estelle…”the spontaneity, rythm, and dance moves are totally flavorful.

The local joints at night. It’s so lively with the music and people.” Olumide

The food, yes, but also the people, beaches. Assini and Asouinde are the beach resorts. Yamoussoukro has the Basilica of Our Lady of peace/Basilique Notre-Dame de la Paix(considered one of the wonders of the world by many) and the crocodile lake.” Mimi

One reason,  I would love to visit Ivory Coast is for the food. Not just any food, but for Attieke and fish. Attieke, also known as Acheke is actually a side dish made out of Cassava. Attieke to me is like Couscous, but only finer when it comes to the grain and a little sour when it comes to the taste.

To prepare Attieke, some cassava is peeled and grated; then mixed into previously fermented cassava. It is then left to ferment some more until the natural hydrocyanic acid content has disappears. The cassava is thereafter squeezed to remove the water content; then drained and dried. The attieke is ready to be be eaten; when the dried grains are steamed with warm water…

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My Love for Yam Potage.

You know how there is one person that lightens up your mood or the feeling you get when you see your favorite thing, that is exactly what Yam potage means to me. For so long I had people ask me “Why Yam Pottage? Why do you love it so much?” until recently when I sat down to ask myself the same questions and I realized, we had come a long way through difficult times or days when I had to survive in school or a new environment; just to lay more emphasis on this, I am very selective when it comes to my food so I would rather make the food or have someone I trust do it and back in Secondary School when I was in the hostel, the food was scary and just by the sight of it, I always lost my appetite, anyways has God will have it, the hostel matron opened the doors of her kitchen for me to prepare Yam potage whenever I found it difficult to manage the hostel food.

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Sounds Of Music…

One of my favorite subjects in secondary school was Physics. I liked Physics because it pretty much explained a lot of what happened around me…like sound for instance. As a foodie I associate some sounds with the kitchen. One of my favorite sound is that of the mortar…when I hear the “kpom, kpom, kpom” from the mortar, I remember Ehuru(calabash nutmeg) or even Ede(cocoyam)…It brings me memories of when my mother made Abacha or Ofe Ede(cocoyam soup). With the sound of the mortar, I knew exactly what was cooking. As crazy as the sounds, the sound of the mortar is comforting for me.  And it’s more comforting when I’m doing the pounding. As a foodie, there are sounds I hear from the kitchen that can send depression packing. There are some that keep you permanently swooned and there are some that keep your mouth watery. Another sound that keeps me going in the kitchen is the actual sound of music. There’s nothing as comforting to me as the actual sound of music. There are some days, I could be making Oha soup and sounds of hi-life music would blaring from the radio speakers. A match made in heaven! …I asked a question on my social media page and you’d be quite amused at what some of my friends had to say when I asked them to describe their favorite kitchen sounds and what it does to them…

The human voice (sound) telling me that food is ready. Come chop or food don ready. No sound beats that :P.”  Laura Njoku

Shrrrrrriiiiiiii-sssssshhhh! When the parboiled tatashe and Cameroon pepper paste hit the hot palm oil!” 💃💃💃Ruona Meyer
Once I hear the sound of the spoon hitting the pot. It signifies post rigorous stirring, and that means the food is ready AKA oti gi nó.”  Kese Antia
The sound of anything hitting the oil. Sizzles
The sound of the spoon hitting the side of pot means the stew is done.
The hissing sound of the release of the pressure cooker. My cowfoot is ready.
The ping of the timer.”  Kemi Adeniyi Kale
Poto poto poto ….the sound of a boiling hot pot of soup.”  Egwuagu Chinenye Christabel
Scrap scrap of the spoon on the plate. I know the food was enjoyed and someone probably wants more. The sound of my blenders or food processor.”  Chioma Ikejiofor
I love the clack clink clack of cutlery on china plates, and the sound of the boiling/broiling/cooking when I open my pot to check if the food is ready or needs an extra pinch of salt or a cube of Maggi. I love the sound of the blender when I’m making a smoothie.  I love the sound of the electrical hand mixer when I’m baking a cake! Zoom zoooom!
 However, the sound of pestle pounding against the mortar while pounding ede (cocoyam) gives me a headache.”  Niqui Anekwe
“A laddle has its own calming sound when hitting the pot or saucepan. I barely use a spoon to stir anything.”  Olaide Anike Ogunkoya
“That Shhhhhhhhhhhh sound that comes after you’ve put some fresh fish into hot groundnut oil.” ☺☺☺  Stashi Muazu Bucks

Kwutukwutukwutukwutu……, the sound that reminds me that my soup is steaming well and the aroma that comes out with that great steaming” 🍲 Chinomso Sandra

“I don’t know how to spell it….but it’s the sound that you hear when mum is stirring and making the amala blend with the pot on the floor and her legs holding it in place….”  Adebayo Emmanuel Adekunle
The ‘ssssshhhhhhh sizzzzzzz’ sound of dodo or meat or fish trying to perfection.”  Chidinma Nene Kayla
The sound of our rice cooker. It’s a song actually. Nothing better than freshly made rice”  Blanka Kobayashi

Zaaaaaaaaaaaa. The sound of chopped Onions tossed into hot oil. Reminds me of Obè dindin!” Vivienne Obioha

 “Sssssshhrrrrr sound of frying chicken in hot oil.”  Nancy Ogbegu

Kpalakatatata The sound the cooking spoon makes when it drops on the floor. That is after you let go because it became so hot.”  Ozioma Ukwueze

 “Tap sound when you open a cooking pot,  shhiiiii.”  Vivian Ezebude

The sizzling sound when an item enters hot oil… Kind of comforting to me as I know the end process is something I will be eating.”  Olaoluwa Jeje

What sound don’t I like in the kitchen…?  🙂 Today I’ll settle for the sound of the shell of a crab; cracking. Nothing bad happens after that!”  Eghagha Caroline
“The popping  sound  from the toaster means my toast is ready for butter or nutella or marmalade and of course my chilled milo to go with it. Toaster means Happiness. Childhood nostalgia.”😊   Eghagha Alero

My favourite kitchen sound is Shiiiinnnnnnnnnn. Sound of frying especialy of pepper/tomato/onion contents with the accompanying aroma of stew towards the end of frying.” Olakunle Akinpelu

 “Lol… I thought I was the only one who loved those kitchen utensil sound oo.
Interestingly, I love the sound of my pot covers, falling knives and tossing garlic and onion in Olive oil. Those *Chynn Tyann Graynnnnnn and Shiiannnnnnnn* reminds me of Cheese , crunchy Lettuce, pepper, watermelon, and Chicken bone when cracking it…. Chaii, Chidinma u have dug this one out. #kitchensoundandfood.”  Kingsley Otu

When im frying stew (ata din-din) and the oil and onions have cooked a bit and the already steamed pepper/tomato paste(very void of water) hits the hot pan! Shrrrrrrrrrrrrr; then it starts to bubble later ‘cos it’s so thick…poto-poto….lol! u don turn me to poet Nma.”  Aderonke Gabriels Omolegbe

 “The sound of my dish washing machine, it’s the thing I do when I’ve cleaned up for the night. I equate it with resting time as my work’s done.”  Cee leeya Oke
The sound when you’r searching  to pick a particular spoon among spoons shikri shikri shikri…” Anuli Okoye
Shuuuuuu shuuuuuu shuuuuuu…… When frying something.” Abubakar Bappayo
Let us get to know you. Please share your favorite kitchen sounds in the comments 🙂