My Love for Yam Potage.

You know how there is one person that lightens up your mood or the feeling you get when you see your favorite thing, that is exactly what Yam potage means to me. For so long I had people ask me “Why Yam Pottage? Why do you love it so much?” until recently when I sat down to ask myself the same questions and I realized, we had come a long way through difficult times or days when I had to survive in school or a new environment; just to lay more emphasis on this, I am very selective when it comes to my food so I would rather make the food or have someone I trust do it and back in Secondary School when I was in the hostel, the food was scary and just by the sight of it, I always lost my appetite, anyways has God will have it, the hostel matron opened the doors of her kitchen for me to prepare Yam potage whenever I found it difficult to manage the hostel food.

With time, I became accustomed to Yam Pottage, which is an easy to cook food, delicious and very satisfying. There are plenty of ways to prepare this delicacy but I will be sharing my own recipe, which I will call “Bibiana’s Potage” 🙂

The very obvious ingredient used in preparing the Yam potage is Yam (White Yam), then you also get fresh pepper, palm or red oil, salt, Knorr seasoning, thyme, curry, onions, crayfish, Bonga fish, fresh fish, green (bitter-leaf, vegetable leaf or Saint leaf), you can use boiled egg instead of fresh fish.

Wash the pot to be used for the food, fill it with small quantity of water at the initial stage then place on the already lit stove. After which, you get your chopping board to slice your white yam and green on, slice the yam into small cubes, rinse and put into the boiling water inside the pot then add salt, Knorr seasoning, thyme and curry, which should be measured depending on the quantity of yam, leave to boil. As the yam is boiling, put your clean fresh pepper, onions and crayfish into the blender to blend, once you are done with this, rinse the Bonga fish and cut into small pieces. For the fresh fish, wash clean, season it and fry inside hot oil or simply grill it in the oven, also slice your leaves on the chopping board into any size of your choice while doing all these do not forget to check your yam to know if it is soft or strong.

As soon as the yam is soft immediately pour your blended mix into the pot and the pieces of Bonga fish, leave to boil for about two to three minutes. Note that if the water is already too small, add more water into the pot then add palm or red oil and fresh leaf, leave to boil for a minute, after a minute taste both the yam and soup to know if the seasoning is enough and if it is not, add whatever is missing. The delicacy is ready if the soup is thick, serve the Bibiana’s potage hot with the grilled or fried fish or boiled egg placed by the side.

I decided not to post a picture of an already made potage simply because its appearance varies depending on how you go about it but this should guide you for sure.

Bibiana Ossai © 2016.


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