Being Black Mean.

There’s none better than the other. Black and White are colors made up by men to cause disparity among races that come from the mating of same sperm and egg but due to the ideals the world has built around being white or black, we are often posed with the question ‘what does Being Black Mean?’

There are some characteristics that distinguishes a black man or a Melanin Skin colored human from others. Apart from the characteristics, Being Black means power and gold. Being black is a gift that should be accepted and embraced, it is a race that is blessed with nature’s best gifts, resources and rich culture. Being Black mean to be empowered, confident and radiant. When I see black trying to be white, I am disappointed because the truth and denial of white is that they are very much like black.
Being black (African) should not subject you to being a slave or intimidated instead you should wear your skin or color like it is all that exists. You should be proud enough to understand that there is no superior color, both are equal to each other.
Being black mean understanding the value of a rich culture, a priceless accent and an identity of gold that should never be traded. Other than knowing what Being Black Mean, there is much more to being black such as Individuality, Culture, Precepts & Beliefs as well as inequality of human behavior even in Africa.

Photo Credit: Khoudia Diop/Instagram .

Bibiana Ossai © 2016.


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