Draw to the Soup: Ogbono.

What do you expect when you travel? Well, one of my expectations when I travel is to have a great taste of other cultures apart from mine especially when it comes to food 😆

As an African, there are lots of food recipes across the continent, which makes it pertinent to enriching, nourishing and satisfying the body. Although I enjoy a bit of western delicacy, I still always crave to be back home to make me one of my favorites “ogbono soup” what I call ‘draw to the soup’.

Ogbono soup is one of Nigeria’s recipe that is pleasant and has a delightful taste common amongst the eastern and south-south regions of Nigeria.  The main ingredients are the Ogbono seeds, red oil, vegetables but I prefer bitter leaf, seasonings, fresh pepper and fish  ( fresh or dry).

However, there are different ways to go about preparing this native soup, regardless of how you prepare it, it will come out the same way which is a slimy texture with a delicious taste and a feeling that mesmerize the heart and satisfies the stomach 😀.  With its easy way to prepare, steam your meat and add 2 cubes of maggi, small pinch of salt and sliced onions into the pot placed on the lit cooker. Leave the meat to steam while you add red oil into another pot and allow to bleach for about 2-3 minutes, add your sliced onions into the pot containing the red oil, freshly blended pepper. After 2 minutes add the steamed meat with its own water, fish (stock, fresh or dry), pomo, ground ogbono seeds and bitter leaf, stir and cook for few minutes before putting off the cooker finally.

This native soup is best served hot and with swallow such as eba or pounded yam. I love my Africa, don’t you?😅🙄

Bibiana Ossai © 2016.


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