My Dear Nigeria.

My dear Nigeria, you gloat with eloquence
while gazing at your fantasies that are years to come.
You exist in the suburbs of a dysfunctional world
Your innocence raped by corruption.
Far from a distant future even with the speed of your shining cars
I wonder how long people of different classes will continue to strive
in an atmosphere echoing nothing but noise and suffering
A weather harsh for agenda setting.

 My dear Nigeria stop the heartache that affects your body
by having a head that is healthy for growth
My dear Nigeria, are you not tired of weeping over a land that flourishes?
Are you not tired of carrying watery promises in a basket?
You stand on the same spot praying for a different tomorrow
while you employ the same force that existed yesterday.
Do darkness and light comprehend?
Can an unbeliever and a believer be equally yoked?

There is a song that flows through the strike of your lips
A rhythm created out of the romance of your desires
but the ability of an untrained singer is lower than standard
Which is why you are still existing in a dark age void of a dancing river
My dear Nigeria.

Photo Credit: Alimi Akinwale.

Bibiana Ossai © 2016.


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