Ghanaian Tatales and My Take On It

Happy thanksgiving!

I have been ill and I just kinda lost the will to write. Today, I feel a lot better, so I decided to make Tatales.

Tatales is Ghana’s way of preserving over ripe plantains. I haven’t met a Ghanaian who threw away over ripe plantains.

Tatales, are sweet plantains fritters or pancakes introduced by Ghanaians to the rest of the world ; unlike Jollof (yes I got jokes)…

Growing up Nigerian, my mother never really liked us throwing away food. We were constantly reminded of the children who had none. So this sweet recipe from our Ghanaian neighbors is actually well appreciated.

There are so many similarities between Ghanaians and Nigerians when it comes to food. I have to confess that having tried different foods from different African countries, I kind of prefer Nigerian and Ghanaian food. Well, the Senegalese created Jollof…sooo…

I have searched the internet, and I have found varieties of this recipe, but I kind of like my version better; even though I’m not Ghanaian.


1 very ripe plantain

2 tbsps. flour or corn meal

1/2 tsp smoked paprika

1/2 tsp ginger powder

1/2 tsp crayfish powder

Salt(a pinch)

chili flakes(a pinch)

coconut oil enough for shallow frying

peel and smash plantains. Mix with all the ingredients except the oil.

Heat up the oil and gently scoop dollops of the plantain mix into the oil and slightly flatten. Fry the tatales on both sides until golden brown but not burnt.

Enjoy with beans or by itself.


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