Last Rain

Farmers cultivate
With so much hardwork
Tourists travel
All around the world.
The sick prays
And hopes to get better.
This is a world
Where we all have different reasons
Needing different seasons.
The weak has cried to be strengthened.
The poor struggles
To become rich.
The inferior walks into society,
Matching up to self-esteem.

Times are counted treasures by few
Moments counted pleasure by many
We seek love,
We want happiness,
We fight for peace,
Done by the wrong or the right.

In faith,
We pray it our last tears,
We look up for help,
We look into the sky,
For guidance and direction.
We walk alone
Scared of loneliness,
Worried about the necessary.

This is our last time,
This is the final battles,
I pray to keep myself
Till the last rain.
It is a one man’s journey but
I choose to walk with God.

Photo Credit: Reuters.

Bibiana Ossai © 2016.


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