Pains of a Woman.

Inspired by – Okut p’Bitek; the cry of Lawino.

Her heart so soft

Her tear so melting

Her beauty so striking

Her carriage dashing.

She is as breakable as an egg

Precious yet as an egg

She is the source of production

Goddess of the earth.

Dear to the heart

Easily deceived

Falls in love the way rain pours down

Understanding .

She suffers the assault of man

She suffers the hate of man

Blamed for the guilt of man

Poured accolades of shame

Guiltless but yet guilty.

She labours for the future

Prays for a well-behaved tomorrow

Accused wrongly

Weakling in the eyes of man.

Not opportuned to rise

In the presence of man.

She is abused, consumed

She is destroyed, affected

Psychologically, mentally.

She is left to rags

By a man she trusts

Only the road accepts her

When she is denied.

In her family

Hated by one, hated by all

Left to anguish in pain

Left to dwell in tears

She dwells in her tears and is

Popularly known as dysfunctional.

Once prosperous, always hated

Neglected and left to geal alone

She is a figurine

Left to roam the shallows of the earth.

She has been through the rough

With the hope she meets the smooth.

Photo Credit: Oresegun Olumide.

Bibiana Ossai © 2016.


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