Aphrodisiacs and the African Culture

What is an Aphrodisiac?

An Aphrodisiac is a food or drink or even a fruit that stimulates sexual desire/libido in a man or woman.

In the African culture, it’s almost a taboo to openly talk about sex. We believe the issues or conversations about the bedroom should remain in the bedroom and amongst couples.

On this post, I’ll be talking lightly about some African foods/fruits that are aphrodisiacs that can help in stimulating sexual excitement between African couples.

Ose i.e. chili pepper: Most Africans love all kinds of chili peppers. Who would have thought that it could stimulate sexual excitement. Chili peppers A.k.A Ose Nsukka are known to stimulate endorphins which causes one to sweat and gives that feeling of sexual arousal.

There is also the watermelon which contains Lycopene. It is known to be the master of all aphrodisiacs.

Before I continue, here are some things my friends had to say about African food/fruits that are Aphrodisiacs.

“The date palm Hausas call Debino ( not sure I spelt it right); then tigernuts are very common in the north too, also watermelon. Those 3 have testimonies up north, loool. Maybe outside the north too! I heard about goathead (not sure what parts of it help) loool. For groundnut and popcorn, I didnt know! It’s always hawked up north!”..Aderonke Gabriels-Omolegbe

“guguru and epa…….. Locally toasted corn and groundnuts…. Not popcorn. The corn has to be toasted without oil… Eat it first thing in the morning and at night…. Do this for three days and visit her Jerusalem……… Thank me later.” Efe Okposio

“Eat watermelon with the seeds. Direction: get a few slices of watermelon, cut it into a cup. Allow it to ferment; then drink it up ,make sure you also eat the seeds. Eat it like you would groundnut……by the time you have started the engine, you would appreciate me”..Ifeanyi Okunnaya Ezebuiro

“So many of our foods are established Aphrodisiacs. Especially fruits and spices..chewing the seeds of water menlon as mentioned. Tigernuts(especially in a combination with other things i.e coconut), cloves, etc. Generally, foods rich in Magnesium, Zinc and I think potassium and Manganese too.” Zainab Bonomi

Do you know that tomatoes also contains lycopene which is great for men’s sexual/prostate health especially. It encourages blood flow and promotes great erection(oops!) in men.

There is honestly something about whole cloves that makes me feel warm inside. Just the smell of it alone relaxes my senses.

If you live in any part of Africa where any of the foods/fruits mentioned above can be found in abundance; then your sex life should not be suffering.

I remember the day I did an experiment with a blend of dates, tiger nuts and coconut. I really cannot tell you how many cold showers I had to take just to chill. It works! All you need to do is blend some pitted dates, tiger nuts and coconut; then drain or squeeze out juice through a cheese cloth and viola!


Below is a list of some of foods/fruits found in Africa that are great for sexual health and a great source of energy boost…

Ube beke'(English pear…A.k.A Avocado)






In everything, always remember to use protection during sexual intercourse. Safe sex is good sex! Have a Merry Christmas!


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