Three Christmases in One Package.

1786 in the southern region of Judea, Bethlehem

the stars became cardinal points of the earth and a compass for 3 wise men

during a time, war raged in the heart of a mere mortal,

for a king was born and a gift given to the world.

People travelled from all poles of the earth to the manger

where a miracle laid shinning of a glory the world was yet to comprehend.

Halleluiah! Halleluiah!! A king was born and his reign forever.

“And an angel for the finishing touch of the Christmas tree” mother said

with a huge smile she wore on her face and

A red sweater clinging to her upper body, worn by each member of the family

It was one of our family Christmas traditions, simple but unique.

Afterwards she joined the rest of us at the dinning table to say our thanks before eating,

“Dear father we say thank you for a day like this to celebrate the birth of reconciliation

and the birth of your son who for our sakes came to live like us” we chorused

This also was our Christmas chant said before indulging ourselves in the consumption of the delicacies that laid in front of us ranging from appetizers to desserts.

Today was different and I could feel it in my bones because not only was a miracle born on this day but I benefitted from the miracle.

25th of every year is my favorite day because it is one of the rarest times,

a whole family comes together to exchange gifts, to share love and comfort

a church gathers together in God’s presence to share His warmth and peace.

Often times when asked what Christmas means,

I simply respond with “it is the day Christ was born” but

beyond the general meaning, Christmas signifies the day man became one with God

Christmas is a period when a person renews himself or herself in God

so as to be a part of the miracle that comes with the changing times.

Above all, I realise that Christmas is a time to celebrate and a time to be thanks-filled

for not all lived to be a part of such miracle.

I am happy it is Christmas, a season of birth, life and living

Three Christmases come in one package and the package is what you have today.

Merry Christmas

for though sorrow endures for a while, your joy will come in the morning.


Photo credit: Serenity Secret Garden.

Bibiana Ossai © 2016.




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