My Kind of Love Story.

Break up, make up, tear each other apart

Where do we stand?

For how long are we going to bear the burden of our feelings?

Even with the distance that pushes us apart.

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An african and a radio.

I remember back in secondary school when the only phone I had was a Visafone mobile without a camera or music player, which subjected to only one source of information known as ‘radio’. the funny thing is I was accustomed to it because no matter how boring or archaic it seemed, I found a friend in it. Humans and technology have become inseparable because it serves as the platform through which humans can learn about themselves and their environment. But before technological evolution took place in Africa, africans were totally dependent on the traditional sources of information such as television, newspaper, magazine and radio.

The distinct medium among the other information sources then and now is the ‘Radio’ simply because it served as a companion and friend for Africans, also it added volume to the african environment. Radio was an information source that broke/breaks across all classes of people in the african continent.

In order to value the power of radio in lives of Africans, I asked some to share their opinions on what radio means to them and if the radio is becoming extinct as a result of technological advancement and western culture because as you know, someway, Africa is slowly becoming a part of the westernised world.

According to Dauntless, as an african, “radio is a mode of communication that is easily accessible to all in different languages taking into consideration the fact that Africa, let alone Nigeria in specifics is a nation of diverse languages. Radio is important to the extent that an average person walking on the road carries a radio no matter the size or form. Technological advancement has been able to improve and re-shape the radio”

Stop and think for a second about what it is that binds you and a radio together. The world is evolving and Africa is beginning to accept and exploit technology as well as the western cultures but “a tree that continues to grow cannot be separated from its root”.

Photo Credit: Gallofoto via Shutterstock.

Bibiana Ossai © 2016.