My Kind of Love Story.

Break up, make up, tear each other apart

Where do we stand?

For how long are we going to bear the burden of our feelings?

Even with the distance that pushes us apart.

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Let me love you with the whole of me

It should not matter whether you would do the same

The thought of loosing you haunts me every night

And I am loosing my mind

Because I cannot bear to live without you.

What have you done to me?

Have you given me fufu to chop like my mama warned me?

If you have charmed me,

then I should thank the gods, should I not?

Everyone speaks about hatred,

My family and friends see only fire in your eyes

Yet all I see is my fate tangled with yours.

Why I love you so much is wetin me no know

But if I talk say I care

It will mean my love for you don die

So make I love you now wey I do

Because it does not matter what anyone says.

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Bibiana Ossai © 2016.



Her African Prince

RM 1
It was this time last year, he came into her life.
He was the man of her dreams (really, she daydreamed about this man).
Here he was sitting beside her. She didn’t want to say the wrong things so she remained quiet.
Lord, I feel so lucky right now, she thought.
Did he feel the same way?
Lord, I didn’t know you created guys like this.
He was holding her hand and stealing quick glances at her to try to understand what was going on in her mind.
He wasn’t saying anything. She was quiet as well.

He finally said, “You are not looking at me. Are you shy?” She replied “no” and looked into his eyes. He was tired, she could see it in his eyes, his flight was delayed for four hours before he finally arrived.

She wondered what those four hours were like for him at the airport?
She wondered if he thought that it was a bad omen or something?
Here she was sitting side by side with the man of her dreams.
His eyes drenched with sleep, she wanted him to rest a little before they head out for dinner.

 She made the first move, she rested her head.
He copied her.
He didn’t know she wasn’t really sleeping, she just wanted her tired man to rest a little after a long trip.

As he rested.
She thought, am I really attracted to this guy?
She pushed that thought out of her mind quickly. She liked everything about this man.
He texts her first thing in the morning to wish her a wonderful day, then he would text her at noon to remind her to pray, and he would call her at night to pray with her.
On the weekends, they did more praying.

She was on cloud nine.
This was the man of her dreams, she was certain that everything would fall into place.

He finally woke up and got ready for dinner.
He did most of the talking.
She was still too scared to talk.
She could hear her mother’s voice in her head saying “don’t run off the man with your big mouth.”She laughed at his jokes, giving him all the back channels to assure him she was equally interested.

After the dinner.
They went back to his hotel, he suggested they sit by the fireplace to talk.
He held her hand, leading the way. She didn’t tell him that was her first real date.
She didn’t tell him, she was extremely nervous not to chase him away with her insecurities.
He had it all. He was photogenic, educated and crazy about God.
She didn’t tell him, she was already planning the wedding.

The fireplace was so romantic. She wanted to put her head on his shoulders and sleep without talking, but he wanted to talk. So they talked. Well, he did most of the talking.
The next day, the tides turned. He was gone, never to return.

The morale of the story: Someone will hurt you at some point in your love journey, but you gotta get up and try!!!
The Sun will shine again!!
Don’t give up on love!

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How to Resist the Pressure to get Married this Year?

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