Ji Akwukwo Nni (Yam and vegetable pottage)

In the whole of Africa, there is this predominant love for vegetables within its people. I will fast forward to Nigeria…

I grew up in a home with two Igbo parents. My mother, cooked and she doused everything with vegetables. As in, I sometimes had to beg her to remove my portion before her veggie magic. You would see an empty pot of Ogbono soup boiling away and when you returned back into the kitchen, she had pumpkin leaves all over the thing. And yes, you had to eat it or stay hungry. Except of course daddy said “give her something else to eat.” As his baby nunu hehehe.

Of all the meals mother made, her yam and veggies was one of my favorites. My mother usually made this dish on Saturdays. It was usually for breakfast or dinner. There was something ecstatically beautiful about biting into a piece of sweet white yam with sweet satisfaction. Then the taste of Palm oil intertwined…you’d have to taste some to understand.

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Coconut Yam Pottage(White Yam Pottage)


White yam pottage. My very creation. I don’t know if there are any recipes out there, but this is my easy one pot no mess recipe. The first time I tried this recipe was with sweet potatoes and boy was it yum!

Anyway, I was one yam richer and dude I made everything you could have thought of with the one yam. This recipe inclusive. haha!

Coconut yam pottage or white pottage as I call it, is my favorite kind of pottage. Why? Well because of the use of coconut milk; which is one of my favorite ingredients.

If asked how I learnt to cook yam, I would give the credit to my mother. She made so many yam dishes that I couldn’t even name them all. Continue reading “Coconut Yam Pottage(White Yam Pottage)”